Get to know us

Villa Perancis was created by two nature lovers, both painters, divers, in love with Bali where they lived for several years. Dominique came to Bali for a week's diving trip during which they met and the magic happened… Together, they built this refuge in the nature and invited others to share their experience of Bali, its quietness, culture, painting and also the diving which is spectacular here. However, life had other plans for Dominique and she was called back to the stars too early. Philippe keeps the spirit of this place intact and is eager for others to discover this hidden gem.

A little bit about Philippe:

Philippe has been working in the hospitality sector for some 40 years. He first arrived in Bali 10 years ago as a diving instructor looking for a new adventure.

He started diving at the age of 8 with his father, and when he left France, almost 30 years ago, his hobby of diving became a profession that allowed him to explore the beautiful underwater world all over the world until the last destination which was Bali.

Upon his arrival, he immediately connected with Bali and knew this would be his new home. He firmly believes that he did not find Bali but that Bali found him. it was only after meeting his Love Dominique that his destiny changed.

Together they have built their little paradise called Villa Perancis, where they would love to welcome you to discover this beautiful home of theirs.